Anyone with some experience in the property industry can tell you that selling a house is not a walk in the park – regardless of how hot the property market is. There’s often so much competition so you have to make your listing stand out. The more innovative you are, the higher the chances you can sell your house faster. It helps, therefore, to learn a few creative ways to sell a house fast.

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

If you’re looking to sell a house fast, this is the article for you. There are many things to do when you sell your house.  In this post, we will highlight a few innovative

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

ways to sell your house fast and even have some fun in the process.

Let Potential Buyers Have a Test Drive

If you’re selling an old house that needs work, make sure you revamp the home before placing it on the market. One of the best ways to give potential buyers a true feel of your property is to offer it up for a weekend getaway. While it may seem strange to let virtual strangers into your home, there are plenty of ways to do it responsibly without running into any issues. House swapping has become kind of a trendy thing in today’s digital age, so there are several ways to take advantage of that. Think about the features you love about your house and be sure to highlight them. You want the potential buyer to imagine living there. You can even leave take out menus, ads for nearby attractions or local magazines so the buyer can take a trip around town.

Get in Touch with Your Neighbors

While it may seem counterproductive to cozy up to your neighbors when you’re just about to move, this is actually a great time to connect. Your neighbors may know people who want in on your block and they likely have a vested interest in who buys your house. As such, consider throwing an “open house” for your neighbors. Announce that you’re planning to move and ask them to spread the word. There’s no harm in putting out some wine and cheese.

Make a Game Out of It

Everyone loves the chance to win a prize – especially if it’s a house. One way to go about this is to host a contest with a small entry fee. The prize: ownership of

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

your home. If you have enough entries, you can easily break even or exceed the market value of your home.

While this may seem like an easy and fun way to sell your property, there are a few challenges to bear in mind. For instance, disgruntled participants may end up filing complaints against you. So, if you decide to go the game route, you want to come up with clear and concise rules, do the math and double-check the laws. You need to figure out the value of your home so you can come up with a rough idea of the number of entries you need to break even.

Bottom Line

Those are just some of the creative ways to sell a house fast. Other options to consider include using social media platforms to offer up a reward to people, selling your house fast as an auction and setting the scene in your open house. As long as the risk is low, there’s no harm in trying a few interesting ways to sell your home. Remember to follow your closing checklist once you sell your home and designate who pays for what to help the closing process.