There are some things that people try to avoid while building a home, such as keeping stuff they don’t need. However, as time goes by and the excitement is over, we start to not care about where everything goes. Once this kicks in, the mess begins. So, how do you declutter a workshop or garage area?

How Do You Declutter a Workshop
How Do You Declutter a Workshop

Although having a messy garage might seem like an impossible mission, the truth is that it’s not. All you need is to book a few days to declutter garage and you’ll be onto enjoy the rewarding results. Especially if you’re looking for areas and things to declutter or repair before renting your house out to new renters. After you’ve transformed your cluttered garage into a workshop, you’ll feel happy about taking that step initially. But, how do you declutter a workshop? Even if this task isn’t easy, you’re not alone. Continue reading to learn the best way to declutter your garage.

Decide What You’ll Do With Your Garage Once It’s Ready

We’ve already suggested using it as a workshop, but there are more than enough options to choose from. Having in mind what you’ll do with your garage once it’s decluttered not only will inspire you, but it’ll also allow you to decide which things should be removed or kept, how much space you’ll need, etc.

Although, once you start clearing clutter, it will become more of a mess. Don’t let this discourage you. Look ahead to see the bigger picture for extra motivation to keep cleaning. It will be rewarding, I promise. Furthermore, the following steps on “how do you declutter a workshop?” will make the whole process much smoother.

Get Started

When people wonder “how do you declutter a workshop?” they often worry about how to get started. Fortunately, the answer isn’t that difficult: you can start anywhere you want! Regardless of where you start, what really matters is not skipping past things to think about or deal with later. Not only will this make the process less overwhelming, but it’ll also restrain you from making a mess bigger than it needs to be.

It’s important to use one of six choices for every item you pick: keep in the room, put it in another room, donate it, sell it, recycle it, or throw it in the trash. Avoid leaving things with unmade decisions, as that’s exactly what led you to a messy garage in the first place. Another aspect to keep in mind while organizing your garage is to avoid getting burned out. In order to work through large spaces without losing your patience, set your timer for 15 minutes; you’ll take 10 minutes to declutter the room and you’ll use the other 5 minutes to clean up the staging area.

Create a Staging Area

Despite this whole process is about decluttering and getting rid of your garage stuff, it’s impossible to deny that the task could make a bigger mess. Keep in mind that you’ll need space to sort the items you come across, and you’ll also need room to separate those items into the 6 groups previously mentioned. Therefore, creating a staging area that’s free of clutter to deal with all the items as suggested, is essential.

Eventually, your staging area will start feeling cluttered as well, which is normal. This is when you’ll deal with the 6 piles of items that have accumulated; you’ll take the trash to the dumpster, you’ll relocate the items you want to keep, and so on. Remember that having stuff in your staging area doesn’t mean you’ve decluttered your home. So, how do you declutter a workshop or any other room in your home? Once you’ve gotten all that stuff out of your home and your staging area is clean, you’ll have decluttered your garage.

Declutter Garage
Declutter Garage

Focus on the Big Items

Even when most of the items you store in your garage are small, there are still big items that you should consider to get rid of. All that stuff you no longer use like bicycles, gardening supplies, etc. should be out of your home too. Keep in mind that having lots of old stuff that collects dust could result in pests making a home in your home. This will make you want to call an exterminator to get rid of pests, which is a problem you don’t want by any chance.

Garage Before and After

Although it could be a huge home project, the results are highly rewarding, trust me. When you start to declutter, the feeling you get can be contagious, so I encourage you to continue if you’re into the results you’re getting. Once you declutter your garage, you’ll be inspired to organize your stuff and turn your garage into a workshop, which can be done easily and without shelling out lots of money. The cheapest ways to organize a garage will help you have everything you need at hand. All the while, all your stuff remains out of the way that’s not needed right away.

Whether it’s your garage or any other room in your home, decluttering will definitely make an impact in your life, and you’ll be glad about taking that step.

Cluttered Garage
Cluttered Garage