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Your major appliances need to be well cared for to work optimally for longer. Failing to maintain your dryer, washer, refrigerator and dishwasher, for example, can result in costly repairs and/or the need to replace. Fortunately, you don’t need plenty of technical expertise to keep your appliance in tip-top shape – just a few home appliance preventive maintenance tips.

Home Appliance Preventive Maintenance 

In this post, we’ll discuss a few maintenance tips to help you make the most of the appliances in the properties you manage. Most tips are simple common sense ideas that need no technical expertise.


The best way to keep your refrigerator in its best condition is to ensure it’s clean, both inside and out. Appliance experts recommend for you to clean under and behind your refrigerator on a regular basis: Research has it that it’s important to clean the base grill of your refrigerator often as it will help to improve air flow to other components of your appliance. Moreover, regularly cleaning the coils behind or at the bottom of your refrigerator helps to efficiently cool the unit. 

If the refrigerator’s door seals are sticky, it’s time to clean them. Similarly, you’ll need to clean the built-in water/ice dispenser.


Your dishwasher’s job is to clean and dispose of any food residue left on your dishes. Ensuring your dishwasher is clean is just part of what you need to do to keep your unit running at its best.

Fix the filter: Most dishwashers use a filter system to trap food particles during the wash cycle. Be sure to check and clean the filter regularly to prevent a buildup of seeds, pits and food particles that might get trapped in there.

Rinse out mineral deposits: Hard water can be tough on your dishwasher as it can lead to the accumulation of mineral deposits. One of the best ways to clean the water holes is to use a toothpick. Mineral deposits, as well as food particles, can also start to clog the water inlet valve. Consider using a dishwasher cleaner to get rid of some of those hard water deposits.

Washer and DryerHome Appliance Preventive Maintenance

Leave the door open: According to various findings, it’s a good idea to leave the door of your washing machine open after completing a load of laundry. This goes a long way to avoid trapping moisture, which can result in mold and mildew problems. You can also use a cleaner designed for washing machines every other month. If you want your washer to last longer, you’ll want to avoid overloading it as that can wear out and break some of the machine’s components more quickly than if you were to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When it comes to your dryer, make sure to clear out the lint trap after every load. You’ll also want to routinely check the vents, and empty them out if necessary. 

Bottom Line

The little time and effort you sacrifice to take care of your appliances have a big payoff. When Being property management, you want to make sure the appliances don’t need to be replaced often. Clean, well-maintained appliances will run well for years, saving you money in repair costs and premature replacements. With the home appliance preventive maintenance tips mentioned, your units will run better and serve you for longer.