Ensuring your blinds are clean and well cared for will keep them looking good and extend their useful life. Just as some blinds are easier to install, others are easier to clean. Whether you’re a busy parent with little time for housework or a stay at home parent on the quest for cleaner, simpler and more efficient ways to live, it helps to know what type of blinds are easiest to clean.

What Type of Blinds Are Easiest to Clean?

What Type Of Blinds Are Easiest To Clean

What Type Of Blinds Are Easiest To Clean

In this post, we’ll explore some of the types of blinds that are easiest to clean. It’s a simple guide that will help you to identify the easiest blinds to clean and maintain — especially if you’re still deciding between drapes or blinds for your home.

Roller Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great choice for cost-effective window dressing. They come in a wide choice of designs, textures and colors with blackout, waterproof, thermal and light-filtering fabrics. They are especially suitable for large windows. Given the design and nature of vertical blinds, featuring hanging vertical slats, their surfaces are less likely to gather dust compared to other types of blinds. Their sleek neutral tones can complete a contemporary design.

Cleaning vertical blinds is also very easy. Simply vacuum them regularly with a suitable upholstery attachment and use a damp cloth to wipe clean any light marks. These types of blinds are great to upgrade an old home that needs work to bring some new life to it. 

Roman Blinds

This type of blinds fit nicely into a range of interiors. They are available in a broad array of textures, colors and fabrics with several features. Roller blinds offer numerous options to suit different homeowner needs, whether you want to manage privacy levels or reduce the glare of sunshine in a room. Like vertical blinds, the design of roman blinds, featuring fabric that hangs means less dust can settle on their vertical surface, making them one of the easiest blinds to clean. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with cleaning blinds the easy way, keeping them free of dirt is easy. Gently dust or vacuum them as required, and carefully remove any marks with a damp cloth and some soapy water.

Venetian Blinds

Roman blinds can create a real sense of sophistication and luxury in bedrooms and living areas. They come in a broad array of styles, designs, colors and fabrics to choose from. When it comes to maintenance, roman blinds are also very easy to clean. Their straightforward mechanism and simple design make regular cleaning and maintenance a simple task. All you need is to fully open the blinds and sweep a duster over them, and be sure to always use a special attachment when vacuuming them to avoid damaging the delicate fabrics.

Bottom Line

Just like you’d want to maintain your home appliances with some preventative tips, it’s equally as important to clean your blinds. If you’re looking for new blinds and you’re not sure what to look for, then knowing what type of blinds are easiest to clean and maintain will help to guide your decision, especially if you have little time for household chores or are a property management company. Depending on your preference, you can choose blinds from the many types of curtains and blinds that appeal to your taste and preference and are still easy to maintain.